I'm afraid that I cannot explain myself for I am not myself. 26 year old female from New Orleans just trying to figure it all out somehow.

Total lunar eclipse for the Americas on April 14th 15th 2014


Eclipse lunar 2014

good god





please put this shit on blast. his twitter name is @swerveodactyl and he’s being a complete asshole when called out on that tweet. His name is Beau Miller, he’s a junior at some high school in Washington state, I couldn’t figure out which but I’m sure you guys can help. Thank you so much!

An update:  Beau Miller posted this on 4/10 at 4:09pm

let this shit spread like wildfire. This is my state and if there’s any chance of this dude getting popped, I hope it’s taken. 

Wow this guy needs to literally physically die

Looks like he has a bright future as a Republican senator.

this is probably the only sex gif i will ever reblog, because for some reason i feel like it’s more than just sex. i don’t know if it’s how they’re actually looking at one another or the way they can’t get close enough. he’s actually looking at her like a person and not just a sex object.
but then again, it could be all in my head. i mean, this is how i would want it to be. but that’s just me.